Connelly Springs Workshop

Lindy’s Discount Furniture was the perfect place for sharing ideas on what sites should be highlighted along trails in Town of Connelly Springs, NC. Some suggestions included the old hotel and spring, a second hotel and spring, Israel Chapel, Hudson cemetery, Chicken in the Basket (the longest open restaurant in the same building in NC), the Knob, cool views on the south side of I-40, stage coach road, Pottery Curve, the old store that is now moved onto Hudson property and more. Even if a structure no longer exists a kiosk can be put in the place telling the history for future generations!!

Attendees included: Cessy Hudson Smith (part owner of Lindy’s Furniture), Terry Childers (Connelly Springs alderman), Carroll Hoyle (Rutherford College planning board chair), Jonathan Holden and Nick Reed (residents and Lovelady firefighters), Nancy Tucker (avid hiker), Eddie Zimmerman (hiker and CS resident), Yate Jensen (RC mayor).

Connelly Springs Hotel on railroad

Burke River Trail Association executive director Beth Heile led the discussion. She shared public input meetings had been held regarding the Burke River Trail coming to communities, but focus had changed to work from the communities outward. With new grant funding available from the state, towns can apply for funds to connect to state trails and places of interest in their community.

Heile also shared that trails require willing landowners to sign an easement agreement to allow public trail on their property and that crime on a trail is usually lower than that in the community where is passes.