Rhodhiss Workshop

There was an incredible turnout for the Rhodhiss Trail Workshop. Business owners, landowners, aldermen and residents met at the Scout Building to share ideas. Shelly Gref who owns the Copper Penny Grill – Lake Hickory said she would will allow trail between the restaurant and water. She also shared the story of how her Rutherford location and Forest City location are now connected by trail and what a benefit it is to have that regional trail as a draw.

Investors looking at adding glamping along the river shared their dreams and learned about the future plans of Rhodhiss that will benefit their business.

Other suggestions included taking trail to The Cliffs, Depot, Devil Shoals, Trestle, Mill #1 and #2, Scout Hut, Old Dam and plenty more!! Currently working on route from Horseshoe Park to the Duke Portage. Sherri, author of Weaving the Heart Threads of a Mill Village, Rhodhiss provided plenty of detail on the suggestions!